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Shaping Up at Edgevanta

Our team is changing our sprint planning and product delivery framework, adopting the ShapeUp approach based on insights from Ryan Singer’s book.

Here’s what excites me:

- The prospect of consistent on-time delivery.

- Transitioning to 6-week cycles from the traditional 2-week sprints, easing the repetitive strain of sprint planning.

- As a product manager, I’ll have more time to delve into customer issues and develop well-defined proposals for our upcoming build phases.

- The opportunity to ditch an ever-growing and cumbersome backlog.

- Greater autonomy for our engineers and designers.

- Implementing a two-week cooldown phase to tackle bugs and technical debt.

My concerns include:

- The potential shift towards a more waterfall release methodology.

- Moving away from daily stand-ups.

- Questioning the effectiveness of this method compared to the tried and tested Scrum framework.

- Potential dips in team engagement and a rise in feeling isolated.

To mitigate these concerns:

- We’re instituting a weekly all-hands meeting in place of daily stand-ups.

- My co-founder and I have scheduled regular check-ins.

We’re committed to fully embracing the ShapeUp method for the first few cycles, following the book’s guidance to the letter. We’ll share our journey and learnings as we progress!

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