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Emery Sapp & Sons Enhances Internal Backlog Tracking And Process Automation Via Cutting-Edge Software

Emery Sapp & Sons, one of the Midwest’s largest infrastructure contractors and 100% employee-owned, has taken a major step into the future by partnering with Edgevanta, an industry leading innovator in software solutions. 

With an intense focus on continuous innovation, ESS is specifically looking to automate their internal backlog and competitive job tracking, as well as their historical trend analysis. Brandon Finn, Executive Vice President of Asphalt Operations, remarked: 

“We are always looking for ways to improve our workflow and empower our estimators and project managers. We believe this cutting-edge platform will help us eliminate certain manual processes we were forced to undergo in order to leverage data more strategically as it pertains to our bidding and backlog tracking.” 

Tristan Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Edgevanta, expressed his excitement to partner with a company whose strategy is centered around operational excellence, “The Emery Sapp & Sons name is one that is synonymous with precision and focus. This was evident when we met with their committee onsite - their attention to detail as it pertains to their process was palpable, and they understood right away how Edgevanta could help streamline their overall bidding efforts.” 

Edgevanta's Chief Sales Officer Alfredo Sánchez is particularly excited for the team's approach to learning a new software. "The reality is that change and continuous refining of processes, is hard. Emery Sapp's team of managers and estimators approached our engagement with a group/committee mindset, one that yielded a diverse set of questions and ideas. With our platform being so flexible, I'm excited to see them bring these ideas to life to ultimately save them both time and money." 

The future is mutually bright with this partnership! To learn more about Emery Sapp & Son’s innovation and services, visit their website at Discover how Edgevanta's software solutions can transform your business by visiting 


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