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Edgevanta's Intern Class of 2023: A One-Man Team

Our inaugural intern class features just one member and he is jumping in head first!

Photo Credit: University of Tennessee

Andy, Tristan, Matt, and Peyton taking on TopGolf

Peyton Davis is our first-ever intern at Edgevanta. He is a rising senior studying mechanical engineering and computer science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is also training full-time as a decathlete on the track and field team.

Peyton has the unique opportunity to contribute on data analytics and full-stack engineering projects. Peyton will take on the challenge of learning more about product ideation, business development, and software engineering.

Edgevanta's company values aligned with Peyton early on, making him a great fit for our company. We hope that Peyton will have a meaningful impact and enhance his skills during his time with us this summer.

Here's to the Edgevanta intern class of 2023! Welcome aboard, Peyton!


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