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C.R. Jackson Enhances Bidding and Backlog Management Via Cutting-Edge Platform

Edgevanta is thrilled to announce that C.R. Jackson, Inc. has joined our list of growing customers. For over 50 years, C.R. Jackson, Inc. has proudly served South Carolina as a leader in the site development and heavy highway industry, providing asphalt paving, land clearing, storm drainage, and roadway construction to residences, businesses, and municipalities.

With a constant focus on innovation and analysis of their processes year over year, the team at C.R. Jackson, Inc. was  impressed with Edgevanta's vision of building a bidding single source of truth.  Robert N. Ponton, CEO of CR Jackson, Inc., stated the following: "Here at C.R. Jackson, we constantly research the latest technological solutions that improve the way we do work and enhance our performance. Upon meeting Tristan and his team, we could see that they could move us past some of the siloed and manual efforts we were undertaking as it pertained to bidding, backlog tracking and competitive analysis."

"I have known about C.R. Jackson's stellar reputation from my days at Barriere," remarked Tristan Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO of Edgevanta. "They are an industry leader and the way they deliver work across South Carolina is impressive."

"This is the exact kind of partner we love to work with," commented Alfredo Sánchez, Edgevanta's Chief Sales Officer. "At Edgevanta, we aren't looking to change the way their current process is being run, but rather, enhance it via automation, integrations, data, and analytics, which can be manual in nature today. We could not be more excited to work with the CR Jackson, Inc. team."

For more information about C.R. Jackson Inc., please visit their website at To learn more about our solutions and how we can help your business thrive, please visit our website at


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