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Barnhill Contracting Expands on Innovation with Edgevanta

July 10, 2023

We are proud to announce that Barnhill Contracting Company, a family-owned and highly respected construction company with deep roots, has joined forces with Edgevanta, an industry leading innovator in software solutions.

With work spanning across primarily Southeastern North Carolina, Barnhill Contracting brings close to 75 years of construction expertise to the table. As a values-based company, their humble reputation is built on the power of their people. Barnhill delivers on safe, high-quality services, and has become a trusted name in the industry. Since their founding in 1949, they have been at the forefront of construction, specializing in heavy highway construction, asphalt paving and manufacturing, commercial building, and civil infrastructure.

With this addition, Barnhill Contracting will gain access to Edgevanta's proprietary SaaS software platform, empowering them to maximize their efforts in the bidding process. "We are fully committed to innovative solutions that strengthen the way we do work," said Skip Partington, Senior Vice President. "We are excited for this extra tool to increase our precision, and ultimately our project acquisitions."

Tristan Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Edgevanta, said "Barnhill Contracting is a storied organization and employer in our industry. We met with their team before we started product development because of our deep respect for their heritage and expertise. We are thrilled to be their partner in this journey”.

Stay tuned as Barnhill Contracting and Edgevanta unleash their combined expertise, technology, and passion for innovation. To learn more about Barnhill Contracting's legacy and services, visit their website at Discover how Edgevanta's software solutions can transform your business by visiting


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