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Ajax Paving Industries of Florida Strengthens Backlog Tracking, Competitor Analysis And Forecasting With Cutting-Edge Platform

Ajax Paving Florida of Florida LLC, a privately owned, forward-thinking company with over 40 years of experience in paving Florida’s high-performance roadways, continues its focus on safety, results, and innovation by selecting Edgevanta as a partner to enhance its project acquisition and management efforts. 

“At Ajax, we always challenge the status quo and seek ways to improve our business operations. In particular, we wanted to do better in collecting market data, monitoring our internal work, and analyzing all the aspects that influence a bid,” said Andy DeCraene, Executive Vice President at Ajax Paving. 
Alfredo Sánchez, Founding Executive and Chief Sales Officer for Edgevanta, noted, “The Ajax Paving name in Florida is one that equates to reliability and excellence in the region. Their team expressed to us the diligence with which they currently handle their bidding process, a combination of deep analysis, a team approach, decades of market knowledge, and intuition. We are humbled that Ajax is looking for our platform to enhance this process onto one secure, further automated, and data-driven system.” 
Ajax Paving has provided high-quality construction services since 1981, and its ongoing commitment to innovation reinforces its role as a leader. Edgevanta was co-founded by Matt Wolfe and Tristan Wilson, who has extensive experience in the highway construction industry and created this Bidding Management & Analytics SaaS Platform for highway contractors.


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