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Why the Bidding Process Matters to Us


Our Founder and CEO, Tristan Wilson, carries a legacy of his family's business, Barriere Construction, based in South Louisiana. He spent most of his career bidding and managing highway construction projects, realizing that the key to winning contracts lies not just in calculating one's own costs, but in considering many other important factors like historical bidding data and intelligence about competitors.


Tristan experienced firsthand the pain and difficulty of trying to be the lowest bidder while also avoiding leaving significant money on the table. As an estimator on his first major asphalt bid, he left an embarrassing 33% on the table on a $2.1 million job. The process was marred by a lack of robust tools, reliance on intuition, and cumbersome spreadsheets. Meanwhile, there were numerous contractors out there striving to improve their bid hit rates and margins, wanting to understand themselves and their competitors better but lacking the means to do so.


Motivated by this pressing need, Tristan started in 2022 in Nashville. We are building a proprietary SaaS platform that helps contractors win more of the work they want at the right price with the least hassle. We'd love to hear from you and understand how we can best support you and your team in your journey.

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We get things done and uphold high standards in everything we do. We believe shipping leads to learning. We prioritize swift solutions, avoid procrastination, and are relentlessly resourceful.


We encourage a culture of intellectual curiosity, where we constantly seek to learn and innovate. Our people-first philosophy means that we prioritize hiring and nurturing the best talent and creating a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.


Our success is driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction. We collaborate closely with customers to meet and exceed their needs, recognizing that our business prospers when our customers do. We take pride in continual learning to better serve them.


We cherish open and honest communication, even when it’s uncomfortable. This fosters trust and collaboration, upholding the highest ethical standards in our unified team, leading to remarkable results.


We aim to make a positive impact in our industry and in people's lives. We believe in simplifying lives with our products and giving back to society. Our mission extends beyond business success. It's about contributing to the betterment of our community and society at large.




Founder & CEO

A 4th Generation Contractor who started behind an asphalt paver at age 14 in South Louisiana and worked his way up the ladder at the largest heavy civil contractor in the Mid-Atlantic and at one of the most respected asphalt contractors in the Gulf South. Tristan is a runner and constant learner who enjoys pushing the limits from his home base of Nashville, Tennessee.


Andy Gilmore

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Andy comes to Edgevanta with over a decade of experience as a Senior Full Stack Engineer within the real estate sector. His primary focus during his tenure was developing departmental and customer-facing web applications. During his free time, Andy enjoys exploring the outdoors with his family and coaching local athletes in track and field.

Alfredo Sanchez Profile Pic Large_edited

Alfredo Sánchez

Chief Sales Officer

An accomplished SaaS Sales Executive with two decades of extensive go-to-market experience and leadership roles at both large corporations (Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and LinkedIn), and with startups, having most recently helped scale Litify from inception to a successful majority acquisition. Alfredo is a world-traveler, sports fanatic (especially The Saints, Who Dat!), husband, and father to three beautiful girls (including identical twins!). 

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Alex Lopez

Full Stack Engineer

Driven by his passion for computer science and its limitless potential, Alex obtained an undergraduate degree in computer systems. Alex enjoys contributing to engineering blogs, whose content ranges from emerging data science trends to full-stack development. When he is not tinkering with the latest technology or coding a new feature, Alex enjoys stepping away from the screen. He likes to tackle new exercise routines, cozy up with a new book, or catch a new movie release. As a native New Yorker, Alex has taken bike riding to new limits, and explored various parks, paths, and crevices throughout the city. 


Sammy Odubamowo

Full Stack Engineer

Sammy is a Full-stack developer who is passionate about front-end technologies. He has gained hands-on experience in a fast-paced startup environment and has honed his skills in creating intuitive user experiences and building robust backend solutions. When he is not crafting seamless user experiences, you will find him exploring the great outdoors - whether it's hiking, running, or soaking in new sights. With boundless energy and an unmatched personality, he brings enthusiasm and creativity to every project. Let's push boundaries together at Edgevanta and create experiences that leave a lasting impact.


Jackson Barrett

Principle Product Manager

Jackson is a seasoned contech professional with significant experience managing product lines in a Series A startup. Now at Edgevanta as the first official product hire, he is focused on implementing structured processes to scale the company’s growth. Based in Denver, CO, Jackson is also an avid outdoorsman, bringing the same passion and drive to both his professional and personal pursuits.


Ted Rectanus

Customer Success Manager

With more than seven years of experience as a customer success professional within the construction technology sector, Ted has a proven track record of consistently achieving optimal results for his clientele. Drawing from his extensive background in teaching, coaching, and sales, he harbors a deep-seated enthusiasm for fostering collaborative relationships with business partners, acting as their staunch advocate and ally. Ted is an avid lover of music (especially live music around his home in New Orleans), the founding captain of his darts team, and enjoys playing as many intramural sports as he can.


"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want" - Zig Ziglar



We're always looking for top talent to join us on our journey. We hold confidentiality in the highest regard and would love to chat with you about what we're up to!

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